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מנגישים את עולם העסקים

קהילה תומכת, הכשרה וליווי של יזמים עם ובלי מוגבלות

WINWORK is a social business venture, founded by people with disabilities, who wish to promote people with and without disabilities in developing their careers as entrepreneurs, and as business owners.

We are in the process of building a business ecosystem that in its core is an entrepreneurial community that will grow and operate in shared workplaces, where an equitable and containable business and social relationships will be created, that will lead to synergy between people. As part of the venture, the WINWORK Academy program provides tools and skills for setting up a business, personal and professional support, while incorporating assistive technologies and adaptations, throughout the establishment process of the business, and as it grows.


The Israeli Labor Market in 2019 contains thousands of high quality talented jobseekers, academics in part, who unsuccessfully try to find work, and that the glass ceiling that prevents them from finding work is due to being people with disabilities, or being parents of children with disabilities!

Contrary to the negative stigmas, We believe that people with disabilities have high capabilities and strengths as a result of them dealing 24/7 with their daily challenges! The ability to cope with barriers and changes can be an advantage in the business world. Professional and personal support of the WINWORK team, and the tax benefits that the State of Israel provides to people with disabilities, actually give a competitive advantage to the starting entrepreneur of WINWORK!



According to recent surveys in Israel:

Of the public do not believe that

A person with a disability can run a business

Of parents of children with disabilities are

negatively impacted in their careers and income levels




Of businesses in Israel do not employ people with disabilities


Of employers oppose hiring people with disabilities


Every big step in the community
is divided into smaller steps

The WINWORK community includes senior executives of the Israeli industry, along with starting entrepreneurs, who are willing to share their knowledge, experience, and connections in order to fulfill WINWORK's dream to make the business world accessible! A closed community that shares professional questions, ideas, meetings and various benefits. It's a click away from you!

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Already, the founding core of WINWORK contains over 100 prominent business people and entrepreneurs from the Israeli economy, alongside beginning entrepreneurs and WINWORK Academy candidates.

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The community is an engine of business creation, and social opportunities
that come from a place of equal rights.

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The community acts as a closed community - "For members only!" In the different media.

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Mentors Program

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WINWORK community meeting and conferences


WINWORK Inclusive Responsibility Model

The model for joint activities with companies, and/or with corporations is based on supporting initiatives in areas that overlap with the companies/corporations business for a significant period that will allow developing personal, business and professional relationships:

  • Financial support

  • Mentoring program

  • Occupational / employment training and specialization

  • Business Opportunities

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) IS IN EFFECT

The WINWORK community serves as fertile ground for companies, and/or corporations that strive to work in the benefit of prosperity, and the well-being of people, businesses and communities, not just through their day-to-day business activities. Here is the place for any organization or company to send "ambassadors" on their behalf and to work towards the advancement of social and environmental aspects, while achieving economic value at the same time as maintaining business leadership, and media visibility.


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Responsibility Model



What is financial freedom for you?

What is the lifestyle that you would want?

Come and become an innovative entrepreneur, you decide when and where at your convenient way, with a lucrative salary!

Along the WINWORK Academy training course we will give you the best lecturers, that will give you the tools and teach you the rules that will be needed for success, leading academics, and entrepreneurs with and without disabilities who are at the forefront of the market.


A starting entrepreneur has to face many obstacles: lack of funding, lack of experience, lack of connections, and more... Unlike other places, our participants-entrepreneurs receive practice, work in their fields to gain experience. The WINWORK mentors will continue to accompany you until your business starts running, and will give you advice and guidance on the topics of:

  • Funding resources  

  • Strategy, Marketing, Customer Relations and more... 

  • Inclusive and holistic approach of the staff


If you are a person with disabilities who wants to move forward in life, if you are parents of a Child with disabilities, looking for flexible working hours, this course is for you! 

Come and acquire a rewarding profession, a tailored career, get to know leading entrepreneurs With disabilities that are inspiring and are role models at an inclusive environment that is Sensitive to your way of life, needs and capabilities.

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Training phase

Training that is focused on setting up the chosen business. This phase will include training in both the business aspects and in the professional specific aspects.

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First Month

“Career design thinking and personal empowerment, Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Digital World"

Essential terms, while learning and practice entrepreneurial fundamentals.

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Experiment phase

Experience working within an existing company and at the same time planning the new business.

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a business phase

Building the business and embarking on a new path, accompanied by a mentor, and professional team.

We will soon offer a program that will include professional and business training for setting up a business. The program will be containing, and provide personal and professional support, while incorporating assistive technologies, and adjustments throughout the establishment process and business growth. The vocational training and track / path will be customized according to the capabilities and strengths of the WINWORKER.


Does it sound like you? Excellent!

A course is starting soon, it's a mouse-click away!  


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SEO Course

 Campaigns on all digital media Facebook, Google etc.
Organic Promotion, Sponsored Promotion, AdWords, Google Analytics, including accompanying mentor.

(4 months)

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Digital Course

 Establishing and managing web stores, landing page creation, networking campaigns, ON-LINE marketing. Includes an accompanying mentor. (4 months)



חדשות ואירועים

WINWORK טקס סיום קורס  מבוא לעולם היזמות והדיגיטל " מחזור1

אמדוקס רעננה 

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בימים אלו אנחנו עובדים על הפקת הרצאות ומפגשים  נוספים, פרטים בקרוב...

ולהישאר מעודכנים לפני כולם בכל האירועים, תודה.

האירוע בחסות:

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